Nikon Trailblazer 8x25Review

Nikon Trailblazer 8×25 Review

Nikon Trailblazer 8x25 Review

On a budget but looking for a good quality pair of binoculars? Well, we might just have a solution for you! This is the Nikon Trailblazer 8×25 review, and our team prepared a comprehensive guide regarding this awesome product, so we encourage you to read up and see for yourself.

Nikon Trailblazer 8x25 Review

Overall Rating


Quick Features and Specifications:

  • 100% Waterproof and Fogproof
  • Nitrogen filled & O-ring sealed
  • Rubber armored body
  • Turn & slide eyecups
  • Lead & Arsenic-Free Eco-friendly Glass
  • BAK4 High-Index Roof Prisms
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Eye Relief: 10 mm
  • Weight: 15.52 oz.
  • Field of View: 429 feet at 1000 yards
  • Center Focus
  • Black


  • Great optical clarity for its price
  • Easy to utilize and adjust
  • Lightweight, compact, and convenient to carry around
  • Very versatile
  • Good quality accessories and Eco-friendly


  • May not be as comfortable for eyeglass wearers
  • No tripod adapter
  • Can get a bit shaky to handle because of its weight

Highlighted Features:

Optical Clarity

Optical Clarity

This Nikon Trailblazer 8×25 ATB Binoculars is armed with multi-coated optics and multi-layers of anti-reflective compounds to deliver bright, crisp, and clear images. Trust us when we say that for its price, this binoculars is one of the best in terms of clarity, that’s even against brands or models that are twice as expensive.

It performs really well in any lighting conditions whenever and wherever you need it to. Going out hunting, bird watching, backpacking, or looking forward to watching a sporting event? Bring these binoculars and you’ll never miss anything with its wide field of view of 429 feet/1000 yards.

Did we mention that it also produces natural colors? Yes it does, plus it is waterproof and fog proof so you are sure that it will be reliable even when the elements are a bit harsh from where you are going to be. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the edges don’t just blur out. In short, the images are superbly sharp. This is something that you want with you on your outdoor trips at all times.


Magnification of binoculars

This is where unfortunately should we say this model falls a bit short. Based on some user reviews (mostly online) and ours points to how hard it is sometimes to focus using this Nikon Trailblazer.

Let us explain. First off, let’s talk about its diopter adjustment, if you are not familiar with the term, the diopter is what makes both of your eyes focus correctly at the same time. In this model, the diopter is a tad too strongly coupled with its focal point.

Because of these aspects, you must adjust your diopter over almost the entire range when trying to focus nearby to infinity. Also, we’ve observed that the adjustment for the focus itself won’t turn smoothly at times. Lastly, the weight itself which is actually considered as a positive for this model can be a double edge sword because since it is a bit lightweight your images can get a bit shaky.

The upside of this binoculars though is that it’s actually perfect for focusing on stationary things like landscapes, or the opera. And also, as you get used to utilizing it, it ain’t so bad. As mentioned above, its optical clarity is so superb that it far outweighs its shortcomings.

Ease of Use, Accessories, and Durability

Smooth Central Focus Knob

We did mention above that it’s quite easy to get used to its magnification or focusing quirks right? Yep, it’s quite easy to utilize and that’s only one aspect of it. It’s central focusing knobs are intuitive and at the same time, its barrels are on a central hinge point so you can easily adjust it and focus on your target.

It’s also quite easy to carry around. It is slim, ergonomic, and of course, partly due to its roof-prism structure it is compact. You can put it in your pocket (or convenient case) and bring it with you wherever, whenever. Plus, you can easily fold it to make it more portable.

If there is a real downside when it comes to comfort in utilizing this model is that it’s not that suitable for those who wear eyeglasses. That’s not really surprising as with 10mm, eye relief is virtually non-existent.

Also, durability is not its strong suit but it’s decent. The price may be a culprit as some parts especially the lens cover is a bit flimsy, does not cover the objective lenses and can get lost or broken easily.

Value for Money and Comparisons

As far as comparisons go we’ve researched a few other products in Amazon that are also 8×25 and of similar price. We’re talking about maybe the cheaper, Celestron or Vanguard Orros which are far inferior in overall quality. And as we’ve already mentioned, this model can still be up to par to binoculars twice its price like a Zeiss Terra ED model.

This model also has a wider field of view, the angular field of view, and is brighter than its 10×25 version. It’s also quite identical or a bit similar to Nikon’s discontinued Sportstar model which was sold at $60. That was a bit inferior in terms of quality though overall, so if you are familiar with that model then you’ll have a better idea of how this one works.

Overall Review:

After all, that’s said and done, we can’t believe that this Nikon Trailblazer 8×25 is currently sold at under $100. That just shows you how good in terms of quality these binoculars are compared to what you have to spend on it.

It’s versatile, it’s comfortable, easy to use, and most of all has superb optical clarity. It’s definitely one of the best compact models out in the market today. If you need a handy pair of binoculars anywhere you go, then consider this.

Hiking, wildlife watching, backpacking, or hunting this should be your buddy. No strain, easy to carry, plus you won’t a beat with it. So grab yours now, and don’t forget to enjoy your trips, and stay safe.

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