18 Must Have Gear for Elk Hunting

When you are planning to go elk hunting, you are not only going hunting for elk but dealing with the rawest form of nature as well. it’s not the elk that will get you tired, it’s the weather and it’s the time. This is why, you have to make sure that you have everything you need to make your hunting session comfortable, and a success.

It’s not only the perfect bow and arrow or gun that will keep you safe and drive you to hunt successfully. There are a lot of other things you must have with you. So, here are some of the must-have gear for elk hunting.

1. A Durable Hunting Bag

In order to carry all that you need, you need a bag. It will help you keep your hands free for other activities. Now, a hunting bag has a few different features from other bags.

Firstly, they have quite a high capacity for holding things. Secondly, these bags try to distribute the weight evenly so that you do not have too much trouble carrying it for the long hunting session. Of course, you will also have to look into the backstraps because you want them to be well-padded and comfortable.

The right bag will play a big role in keeping fatigued away from you.

2. The Correct Attire

It may rain anytime when you are out hunting an elk. And, elk hunting takes quite some time. So, you need to wear clothes that are easy to maintain and that do not make you feel uncomfortable.

This is why a great option is waterproof clothing. You won’t have to take a break during rain to keep your clothes dry. Also, you can focus on getting sleep and warmth at night instead of drying your clothes. So, wear waterproof clothing that does not let water get inside and does not take long to dry.

3. Hunting Boots

Boots on your feet will protect your feet really well in rocky mountain terrains. You really do not want to hurt your toenails or any other part of your foot. Hunting boots will also give you a good grip on the rocky terrain and you won’t slip easily.

Furthermore, you should also check how comfortable they are to wear. In fact, they should be well-padded. For winter, you can consider wearing insulated boots for some warmth.

Apart from all that, consider buying good quality socks because socks provide quite some comfort in these conditions.

4. A Trekking Pole

Just like boots, a trekking pole will give your hands a good grip over the rocky mountain roads. Apparently, it will help you climb steep places easily. You will also gain some more confidence and support when walking around to get to a hunting spot.

Look for the best quality trekking poles. Usually just one will help you gain a good level of balance while you keep your other hand free.

5. Camouflage Gear

It’s a very essential thing on your Elk hunting Gear list. When you are in deep woods, you have to hide and save yourself from the other wild animals. So it’s your first priority to take the Camouflage Gear.

When you take a Camouflage Gear you need to make sure that is quite fit and comfortable for you. Because it takes a long time to hunt the Elk & you have to wear it maybe hours you hunting.

6. Solar Phone Changer

When you move to hunt you maybe go for a week plan. You are far away from your daily technology. It’s very essential for you to need cell phone charging. By this time the solar phone charger system will help you a lot to connect with your friends and family.

7. Notebook & Pen

You can take a notebook when you go elk hunting. You can easily write down the new learning and your mistakes to improve your skills. Though the digital method is also a good way for taking notes. But I prefer the old method of paper and pencil. LOL.

8. Food Pack

If you go hunting for a day, you have to walk and work there. You need to take food for your stamina and better hunting. Then you can carry the food for you. It’ll be cooked from your home. Home-made food will be safe and healthy for you and you can carry it easily.

It’ll be good for you not to be fired there because the animals are scared of fires.

9. Toilet Paper Tablet

It’s very common to natural calls and you have to attend the calls. It’s very important to carry toilet tissue. It’s easy to carry and it does not take much room, even you can put them in your pocket. It’s called Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues.

No matter how far away you are in the woods you are always prepared for it. It’ll be the size of a normal paper napkin size and it’ll be expanded with one or two drops of water. It’ll make you safe and clean.

10. Optical support

As a hunter, you should also get binoculars or scopes to see clearly from a distance. The elk will run away if you get too close to it or if it senses your presence. Therefore, to enjoy a trouble-free hunt, you should get a binocular to see things ahead and scope to aim properly.

11. Tent and Sleeping Bag

As you already know, elk hunting takes quite some time. So, you will be spending nights out there in the wild. In order to protect yourself from the weather and the small enemies, you should have a tent and sleeping bag with you.

You have to be quite careful when selecting the sleeping bag. Because the sleeping bag must be portable and lightweight since you have to carry it around. Make sure the sleeping bag is comfortable and well-padded too. You just have to find the right balance between everything.

Other than that, the tent should be durable and you should be able to install it fast and easily.

12. A lamp or Headlamp

Even though you are out hunting, it’s not the primitive ages. You do not have to rely on fire for light. Take modern technology with you in the form of a lamp. You sure can use a lamp for your tent but what about when you are walking?

In this case, a really good hands-free option is a headlamp. It’s like the ones people use in mines, only without the helmet. It will surely prove to be quite a compact and clever option.

13. Scent Killer

You can include a useful thing on your Elk Hunting Gear. that is a human scent killer.

It’s will be worked 99% when you are hunting. The elk can’t get your body scent. It’ll be a matter of scare if it’s got a human body scent. Long-lasting scent killers make you confident and one step ahead to the field of Elk hunting.

14. Insect Repellent Spray

It’s natural to present the bugs in a wild area. When you go inside the wilderness there are lots of bugs. it’s can be harmful to you & definitely, they are irritating for you while you are hunting.

Insect Repellent Spray can keep claim and help to focus on your main target. Repellent Spray has no scary effects on your hunting animal. It’ll help you to hide and make you

15. A strong knife

You totally won’t forget your bow, arrow, or gun when you are going out hunting. But, one thing you may forget the value of is a knife. Apparently, you cannot bring the elk in its full form home. It will be very hard to carry.

So, you will have to do a certain level of cutting at the hunting spot itself. In this case, you have to pay attention to the strength, sharpness, and thickness of the knife. It can be quite a hard job to do and the knife should really be up for it. Stainless steel is a good option for this but you can also look for better quality knives.

16. First Aid Kit

You are going to the wilderness area. You don’t know what do you face at the end of the day.

Always be prepared to take a first aid kit in your backpack.

17. Global Positioning System (GPS)

In order to know your path and be sure about it, it’s best if you use a GPS. Yes, maps can help you but why go through so much trouble when technology has made it so much easier for you? Get your hands on a budget-friendly GPS system and you won’t have trouble navigating in the dark.

18. Bull Elk Calling System

You will be looking to get in touch with an Elk suddenly but what if you can bring it closer to you? Apparently, the bull elk calling system emits a sound that many elks respond to. And, if it’s successful, you will find an elk quite nearby confused about the call. So, you can invest in such a calling system to shorten your hunting journey.

Final Words

What you need and can do without depends on entirely you. If you think you can do without a tent because you won’t be hunting overnight then it’s alright to skip buying it. In general, these are all the things that elk hunters should carry with them when hunting for an elk. Because elk hunting is surely a lengthy process.

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