best tree stand for bow hunting

Best Treestands for Bow Hunting

When hunting with a bow from level ground, my target will often sense my presence, get quiet for a bit, and run away. It happened so many times that it left me frustrated. Bowhunting from a tree was an option but I am not that great of a climber. Furthermore, it could get really uncomfortable staying up on a tree for that long.
Back then I did not know about treestands. Then, one fine day, a friend introduced me to one. And, I thought what a wonderful and creative idea! I looked into the best treestands for bow hunting and realized that they address every issue I had with bow hunting.


Things to consider before buying a treestand for bow hunting

Even if you are terrible at aiming, I believe you will get better results from bow hunting when you use a treestand. Here are a few reasons why it can.

  • Firstly, it takes you up on a tree, high enough to keep you unnoticed, without much effort.
  • Secondly, if you place the treestand right, you won’t have to worry about a deer or any of your target animals sniffing your smell and escaping.
  • Finally, it keeps you comfortable with its seat and plank design.

In order to enjoy these benefits just the way you want, you will have to choose the best treestands for bow hunting.

So, if you bow hunt and are having trouble hunting from land as the deer catches you before you catch it, it’s time you bought a treestand.

Apparently, if you are bow hunting, to keep the arrow fetching noise to yourself, it is better if you go at least 22 feet above the ground. Otherwise, 18-20 feet should be enough.

But, not all the treestands in the world can satisfy or delight you. Some can disappoint you. As long as you know what you want and whether the treestand you are choosing can meet your needs- you are good. Here are a few things that I would consider when choosing a treestand.

1. The Type of Treestand.

There are mainly three kinds of treestands available and each is good in their own way. So, let’s see what purpose each of them serves best.

Hang-on Treestands: These are the most portable kinds of treestands and the least stable ones. Apparently, installing them can be quite a daring task. You have to climb up the tree yourself with the hang-on treestand to install it. Along the way, you can set up separate steps to make the future climb-ups easier.

These are good options if you are very confident about your skills. Because the treestand is unstable and you need to have some level of climbing skills to install it. Furthermore, these are the best options if you move around a lot. These are suitable for trees with a lot of branches as well. Quite the flexible type!

Climber Treestands: This is as portable as the hang-on treestands but slightly more stable. Furthermore, you will find the installation process easier if you are not a great climber. Apparently, you have to install it by raising the chair and moving up the platform inch by inch. Overall, it provides you with the best of both worlds- it is both flexible and stable. But, it is not very suitable for trees with a lot of branches- it’s best for a tree with as few branches as possible.


Ladder Treestands: Now, these treestands are the least portable of them all but the most stable. You don’t have to install separate steps as the ladder is enough. While they are easy to install they are more suitable for hunters who stay in one place to hunt for a long time. Because it sure is bulky and heavy in nature.

You should choose one type of treestand that best suits you.

2. The Safety the treestand provides.

You may be hunting from quite the height and a flimsy treestand can cause you much harm. This is why you have to consider how safe the treestand is. One of the safest features a treestand provides you with is a “Fall Arrest System”. Apparently, it comes with a good number of straps and attachment systems. So, you have to make sure that the installation design of the treestand keeps you safe and the treestand right where it is.

3. The Durability of the Treestand

You do not want to carry a new treestand to your favorite tree every month. And, you should not have to. Check the materials that build the treestand very well. You should check the build quality as well.

4. The Size of the Treestand

You don’t want the treestand to be too big because it can be hard to fit it on any tree you want. Again, you do not want it to be too small because that would get in the way of your comfort and storage space. The best you can do is get one that fits your own height, weight, and size and also the terrain you will be hunting in.

5. The Setup

The treestand should be easy to setup. Other than the setup needed for the particular type of treestand, it should not make you do more things to set it up easily. Furthermore, you should consider whether you can set it up alone or you want to take help from others.

6. Space the Treestand Provides

You want to have enough space on the treestand to stretch your hands and feet. It will be good if the treestand comes with a footrest and armrest too. Apart from your own comfort, you should also check if you can keep all your hunting gear easily on the treestand.

7. The Weight of the treestand

The more the weight, the harder it will be to carry the treestand. On the other hand, the more weight it has, the stabler it will be. So, you have to find out what you truly want. A ladder treestand may require two more people to be installed while a hang-on or climber can be done by just you. And you can learn how to cut weight from a treestand.

8. The Comfort the Treestand provides

Apart from checking whether the treestand has armrests and footrest, you also have to check whether the seat is actually comfortable. Is it padded? How well-padded is it? How durable is it? Consider all these because you sure will be spending quite some time there.

9. The Price of the Treestand

Treestands are not very expensive. And, expensive does not mean it will be the best. Fix your budget and then look for what you want- you will surely find something that totally wins you over.

The Reviews of the Best Treestands for Bow Hunting

1. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

The Viper SD is apparently, the most famous climbing treestand by Summit Treestands. It promises to provide you with a noise-free experience with its Deadmetal Sound Deadening system. Furthermore, it promises to keep you comfortable with its well-padded seats. It is easy to carry with its 20 pounds and install as well. But, the backstraps don’t exactly do a great job.

Other than that, it is quite safe but not the seat may get in your at times. It comes with a full-body harness for your safety. Lastly, it comes with a five-year warranty to assure you about its quality and durability.

If you are looking for a very comfortable climbing treestand then this my be the one. It does not exactly have the best quality but it is quite affordable.


  • Quite easy to carry and install.
  • It is very comfortable because of the padding.
  • Quiet in nature.
  • Safe because of all the added features.
  • Quite affordable.


  • The seat may get in the way.
  • The backstraps are not of good quality or design.

2. Millennium Treestands Monster Hang-on Treestand.

Millennium Treestands Monster treestand is actually one of the most adjustable treestands out there. The hang-on nature, itself gives it a lot of flexibility. On top of that, the seat height of the seat of this treestand is adjustable.

Furthermore, it promises you to comfort with its seat, backrest, and side rest. It is a durable unit built with rugged aluminum. You do not have to worry about safety much either, Apparently, this one comes with a 35- foot rope that assures your safety.

Apart from that, it gives you a large platform in which you can move around freely.

If you hunt with a gun then this treestand even has a rest for your gun. Apart from that, it will work just as well for tall bow hunters as well. It’s as stable as a hang-on treestand can be (not very). Other than that, if you move around a lot when hunting, this may be a good choice for you.


  • Quite easy to install.
  • It has a large platform.
  • The adjustable seat is with backrest and side straps.
  • Quite safe if you use the safety features right.
  • Good quality build.


  • It is not as comfortable and stable as it claims to be.

3. Summit Treestands Dual Axis Treestand Hang-On, Camo

Every bow hunter knows well when a buck shows up and you’re sitting down on your treestand, not in your shooting position, the bow is hanging on your head on a hook. Sometimes you’re able to get your target. Most of the time you don’t. You start to blame yourself for losing the buck.

Experience is a great way to learn. In this case, I’m trying to stand all time I can. You have to take a rest frequently for your legs and feet to relax. Truly anyone can’t predict when the buck comes and you get the moment that you are waiting for a season.

If you face these issues you can try out the new Dual Axis Hang on Treestand. You can make all operations silently when you are in active hunting mode on the treestand.

You can lock two positions sitting and standing and the best support for your back.  The airflow mesh seat will provide you with comfort all day, the sitting position is 21 inches above the platform, and you can get a standing position seat that will be above 34 inches. You can simply move the seat position as per your need.

Dual Axis Treestand weight is 16 pounds. It’ll support 300 pounds weight and fit 8-20 inches diameter trees by using a ratchet starp on top and bottom

I love to treestand after testing and it significantly removes the leg pressure when standing. You feel comfortable when you are standing even for a long time standing. Honestly, saying the design is so effective. I’m searching for something like this type of treestand.


  • Great build quality with aluminum
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • The airflow mesh seat is comfortable
  • Two sitting positions with great design
  • Large platform for foot position
  • Comfortable to sit for its light size
  • Sound Dampening Technology
  • Quick installation with his strap


  • No climbing sticks or ladder
  • The product contains reproductive harm chemical

4. Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

The Summit Treestands Viper series is actually the most famous of their climber treestand series. It has a number of treestands in it and this Viper Steel one is known for the material building it- steel. You will find that it is quite easy to install with its cable retention system.
Then, it provides quite a stable platform for you. It has a full perimeter design to provide you with safety. While it has a quality build that is durable, it is quite heavy so you may have a hard time carrying it. Other than that, it promises to be quiet but does not do a great job at it.
If you are looking to feel safe when bow hunting then this may be a climber treestand you can consider. It keeps you comfortable as well. Apart from that, it is quite affordable.


  • Steel makes it quite a durable treestand.
  • It provides a stable platform.
  • Easy to install.
  • Quite safe.
  • Comfortable too.


  • Can be a bit noisy.
  • A bit heavy.

5. BIG GAME The Spector XT Ladder Treestand

The Big Game Ladder treestand is one that will give you a lot of space to stand hunt. In fact, it comes with a seat but you can lift the seat up to get full access to the whole platform. It also aids your shooting with its shooting rail. So, it provides stability in different ways- it lets you rest your hand when you are about to shoot.
Apart from that, you can even flip back the shooting rail if you want to. Other than that, this treestand promises you stability with its ladder build and steel in the build. The steel makes it quite a stable, safe, and robust treestand.
If you like to hunt form one favorite spot then you can keep this treestand there for about a year, But, a catch is that this one does not keep its new look- the paint may chip away.


  • It gives you ample space to hunt by standing.
  • The seat is adjustable and quite comfortable.
  • Treestand is very stable.
  • It has a robust build of steel.
  • It aids you with its shooting rail.


  • The paint may not last.

The Hawk Combat Hang-on treestand promises you a high-quality finish that will keep it looking great for quite a long time. Apparently, it also promises easy portability with its very compact design. But, compact does not mean you won’t have enough space- the platform offers you quite some space.
Furthermore, the installation process is quite easy and it is secure. The straps and Tree Digger teeth keep the treestand just where it should be. Also, the seat angle is adjustable and it is very well-padded making the treestand very comfortable.
If you are looking for a portable treestand that also provides you with a good level of comfort then you can consider this. The main attraction of this treestand is its powder-coated finish but sometimes they do not do a great job at that.


  • It is very easy to transport.
  • The seat is quite comfortable.
  • The platform offers quite some space.
  • Robust build quality.
  • Quite safe and stable.
  • The powder-coated finish.


  • The seat does not come with any rests.

Aluminum is a metal that not only gives an object strength but also lighter weight than others. Hang-on treestands are usually very portable but the aluminum build reduces the weight to reduce the pressure on you. Furthermore, this treestand makes eveyrthing quite easy for you because you get eveyrthing you may need to be included with it.
You can even sit straight hanging from a crooked tree using this treestand. The seat is well padded and the treestand is supposed to be quiet silent. It usually is silent unless it rains and its parts are wet. It also is quite safe to hunt on.
If you are looking for a quiet, portable hang-on treestand that also provides you with comfort and space, this may be the one you are looking for.


  • Very lightweight and comes with backstraps making it very portable.
  • It has a solid build that will last.
  • Quite comfortable.
  • Usually quiet.
  • Can even deal with crooked branches.
  • Great value for the price.


  • It can get noisy when wet.

The XtremepowerUS treestand climber is a great choice for both bow and gun hunters. Apparently, it comes with quite some adjustability. You can adjust the height of the seat as per your needs.
It attaches to the tree using straps and cables. However, many consider it quite unsafe as the seat strap may come loose at times (Which is quite unsafe). Other than that, it has a front bar which makes it easy to climb into. The seat is quite comfortable because of sufficient padding.
Also, the treestand has a solid build that will last. But, you just cannot choose comfort and functionality over safety.
If you are looking for a very portable treestand, this might be the one. It is great for all kinds of hunter and it provides a good amount of space as well.


  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Quite comfortable to hunt from.
  • Suitable for both bow and gun hunters.
  • Large space.
  • The good quality metal used in the build.


  • It is not very safe as the cables and straps may become loose.

9. Rivers Edge RE661 Deluxe XT 1 Man Seat Lock On Treestand

If there is a treestand that puts a lot of attention to your comfort then this is it. The RiversEdge gas handled each of the components that contribute to your comfort carefully. It comes with a very comfortable mesh seat that has well-padded armrest. Furthermore, it also comes with a footrest so that you can stretch your legs.
It also does not fall behind in supporting you on your hunts. Apparently, it comes with a flip-back shooting rain in case you want to use a gun. It is made of steel which makes it quite durable and stable. However, you may find the platform to be a bit small.
Since it is a ladder treestand, it is quite heavy and not easily portable. But, if you like to take time when hunting then this is the perfect supporter for you because it keeps you comfortable. The quality is great and it is affordable.


  • It is a very comfortable treestand.
  • The seat is breathable and the armrests are well padded.
  • It comes with a footrest.
  • The flip-back shooting rain is helpful.
  • It is stable and durable.
  • Easy to install.


  • The platform may be a bit small.

The Guide Gear Deluxe Hang-on tree stand is a treestand that provides its users with ease of use. Apparently, it is very easy to assemble and install. Despite being a hang-on, it won’t need a lot of effort from you.
Furthermore, the flip-up seat is quite comfortable to sit on. However, the seat fabric is a bit noisy. Apart from that, this tree stand provides you with quite a large platform. So, you can stand and hunt with confidence.
The build is of steel and it is as strong as it should be. You can rely on it to keep you safe just follow the installation instructions with care.
If you are just a beginner then you will find this tree stand quite suitable for you. Apparently, it is affordable, of good quality, easy to use, and stable. But, yes it’s a tad bit heavy to carry.


  • Very easy to assemble and install.
  • It offers quite a large platform.
  • Very stable.
  • The material building it, makes it very durable.
  • Quite affordable.


  • The seat fabric is a bit noisy.

The Guide Gear Hang On treestand is something that is designed to be used for being portable. It itself mentions being so lightweight (18 lbs) that you can carry it anywhere you want very easily. And, you can set it up quite fast because the assembly and installation process is quite easy.
When you are done setting it up, you will really like the large platform it offers. Not only will you be able to keep your feet stretched but you will be able to sit comfortably as well. This is because the seat that comes with this tree stand is quite well-padded and comfortable.
It is quite safe for you because the cables and straps work really well. However, being made of steel, it easily rusts so you have to rust spray it super fast, right after receiving it.
If you take a lot of time to find the right spot then this treestand is for you. It is easy to carry and fast to set up.


  • Very portable and lightweight unit.
  • Quite fast to set up.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Large platform.
  • Quite stable and low noise.


  • Rusts easily and fast.

The Alternatives

If you do not want to buy a treestand for bow hunting, you still have a few options left to check. The main purpose of the product is to keep you up on a tree in a position in which you can use a bow and arrow. So, you need your hands free, and your body safe.

A tree saddle is a much more portable option than treestands. You do not have to go through a complex installation process. All you have to do is climb up a tree, and hang yourself comfortably with the help of a tree saddle. You can just sit all day and wait for your prey like this.

If you know how to climb up a tree, you can just make a wooden or padded seat yourself. Then, you can find the right tree, climb it up and fix it up there with ropes, straps, and cables. If you want to make it comfortable you can carry padding or pillows with you. However, it may not be very safe. It sure will give you lots of free space to move your hands.

3. Just Climb a tree:

If you din’t want to spend even a single penny on anything similar to a tree stand, be it a tree saddle or a DIY seat, then consider buying nothing. In this case, you just have to build your own skill of climbing up a tree. But, first, you have to find the right tree as well.

You do not even have to worry about carrying heavyweights other than your hunting gear. This provides you with all the flexibility in the world. You can climb up any tree. The only catch is that it won’t be very safe and you may have a hard time finding storage space.

It’s better to spend some money on safety than in a hospital. So, choose wisely.

Final Words

A hunting session where your target (mostly a deer) senses your presence and runs away is a failed one that can put you in a bad mood for the whole day. So, to make your hunting session a success, you should climb up a tree, be quiet, hide your presence, and then shoot with an arrow. The best treestands will let you do all these comfortably while keeping you safe.

Furthermore, if you research well enough, it won’t break your bank either. You already know the things you have to consider, and what you really want from the treestand. In fact, if there is one among the best ones we reviewed, you can click the link to find out more about it and the price. They surely have both quality and functionality that can satisfy you.

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