About Us

Our website; unitedhuntsman.com didn’t just start up without a target or purpose, particularly it was been developed based on the interest we have in helping people get informed about any details related to hunting. Therefore, out of an immeasurable passion for outdoor activities, we brought this into existence. Now we can boast of providing information for you on binoculars, rangefinders, duck hunting, archery, and you can get to know about the fact that we make use of trail cameras for our hunting expeditions.

Our goal is to ensure that you get the most enjoyable experiences in your outdoor activities and in the course of this you will find here the best kind of gear as well as equipment that can be used in your hobbies be it sporting (golf etc.), hunting animals like deer, catching good views of birds and so on.

Meanwhile, we are passionate about outdoors ourselves, which is the more reason we have researched a lot on hunting products and review websites but have only found few with fair details but many were just packed with verbal sawdust that could mislead hunting enthusiasts. Being that many of them hype some products a lot despite you won’t get satisfaction from such if purchased with the intention to drive traffic for ordering. We have decided to help out by giving articles on our site which discuss suitable equipment and their accessories that you may need for your outdoors.


What We Do

From experience, we have discovered that outdoor engagements can bring satisfaction and happiness to individuals, therefore we devise means to help you enjoy this benefit by delivering quality articles and reviews on this platform. Even though, in this contemporary time technological products like mobile phones, laptops, etc. keep many indoor while distracting them with kinds of stuff like video games making them bother less about outside. But, we update our site regularly to help you with needful information that can make you venture into outdoors and either hunt or engage in the sport since products that can make you have good experiences in that aspect are provided here bearing all necessary details.

How We Do It

To ensure that every one of our readers gets help from our site, we put measures in place to make this happen. Hence, we always provide updated information as well as keeping all articles and posts in an easy to understand format, containing reasonable contents.

Based on our targets, we make sure every review on our post is written by professionals with verse experiences. And every tips and trick are useful Via this, quality articles are made available to our prospective readers.

In order to promote the possibility of people having nice outdoor activities and other engagements like sports and hunting, unitedhuntsman.com was developed, while you can have an enjoyable time with your hobbies.


Quality, Not Quantity

We have the ability to provide you with every quality review on hunting-related products like binoculars and rangefinders all because our aim is to ensure you get quality information here not just piles of articles communicating rubbish. We have accessed lots of sites and have been so surprised about the set of binoculars as well as rangefinders often rated/reviewed as best and I can say am disheartened because many of them only have qualities that can’t measure up to being best among other products available in the world.

Consequently, for you to be able to make right choices when ready to purchase binoculars or rangefinders, we compile a list of these products being reviewed in their supposed orders, indicating their good and bad sides, and you won’t regret your visit to this site, as you won’t be misled. 

100% Real & Honest Reviews

For us to be in good terms with our readers, we create trust by ensuring that all the product reviews and advice, as well as video links we drop on this site, are honest and real opinions of our own and other sources necessary. We don’t describe any rangefinders or binoculars in a partial way for the purpose of hype to get benefits from sales outlets or websites.

We write both great and poor features of every features rated from initial thorough research, use, and testing of this equipment personally under low and good light conditions as well as compare them with other reviews. Still, feel free to alert us if you find any mistakes for rectification.

The Gear (equipment) We Use

For clarity, the gears or instruments like binoculars, rangefinders, camera,  some accessories, lighting, and backpack we use for our reviews are provided below. We use as many instruments as possible based on what we can afford for we get to buy most of these product samples for personal testing to compare against benchmark products and we use them for our outdoors to have real experiences before sharing with our viewers. Some of these might be quite old as I do come across many other products being released after what we have purchased for testing but we can’t keep buying all but we try to test some and return to manufacturers to at least have good ideas about them, and those in our budget we keep with us.

For your interest, here are some:



For general use and wildlife: we kept vortex crossfire HD 10×42 binoculars after we’ve once used Vortex Razor HD 10×42 after reviewing some in the past. You can also enjoy them.

Birding and general use: Nikon trailblazer 8×25 is good for your birdwatching and at the same time we own Vortex Razor HD 8×42 even though it has been quite long we kept that. But it’s highly recommended.

For travel and safaris: We have for ourselves Snypex knight D-ED 10×32 for safari holiday and Steiner BlueHorizons 10×26 as well as our Hawks Frontier ED X 8×32 for travels on birding.

Long-distance observation: we use Steiner HX 15×56 binocular.

Astronomy: we use Bresser Spezial Astro SF 15×70

Low budget: we got Nikon 7577 Monarch 5 10×42 binocular.

Binocular Accessories

Tripod Adapter: we use snypex tripod adopters and we’ve got some digiscoping adapters for mobiles.

Lens cleaning kit: with us Carson Optical C6 is available.

Also, we do use binocular eyeshields.


Portable scope: we use Hawke e12-36×50 spotting scope.

High: Snypex knight T80 ED APO isn’t far from us.

Trail Cameras

We’ve got a Gardenature bird feeder for our bird views.

Trail camera: Minox DTC 600  and

Bushnell 16MP HD Essential E3 Trail Camera is also being used in our wildlife trip. 


We still use the Fovitec StudioPro for out light purposes.


We use a good backpack like Vanguard Skyborne 51 backpack which helps us with enough space for our equipment when heading to the field.


We’ve ensured that we updated to the TecTecTec Prowild hunting rangefinder and we use few other rangefinder versions.


The use of Nikon 16224 Arrow ID 3000 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder has been helpful to us in our bowhunting and archery engagements.

Tips and Guides

For our laid down tips and guides for your hunting, click around on our site to know better About ultimate tips and tricks